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The Golden Age:

    Expansion began to take off during the “Golden Age” of fraternities of the late 1950s and early 1960s. Several new chapters were started in New England. Nu Zeta at UMass-Amherst was founded from a local organization known as Zeta Zeta Zeta. The Nu Epsilon Chapter at the University of Maine helped to establish a new chapter at The University of Southern Maine from a very old local called Alpha Lambda Beta. Also, a local Latin letter fraternity, QED, had established itself at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, after a schism in the local Delta Phi chapter. QED approached Phi Mu Delta in 1964 and became the Nu Lambda Chapter. This chapter went on to win several scholarship awards before closing in the mid-’70s due to anti-fraternity legislation. In addition, The Bald Eagle Club at the Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, became the Mu Zeta Chapter. The Sigma Delta Chi fraternity, a young local from Keene State College in New Hampshire became the Nu Omicron Chapter in 1970.